1. YUP.

  2. Another poster up on my Behance! Check out the process here.

  3. New poster up on Behance! Check out the process here.

  4. Should I just rename this blog ‘Dogs That I Draw For No Reason Other Than I Think Dogs Are Cool’?


  5. Been very busy lately - so here’s 3 dogs I drew lately.

  6. It’s Friday, and The Dollfins¬†are playing at The Pit tonight!

    Also, it’s Friday and I clearly can’t concentrate long enough to spell the band’s name correctly.

  7. Damn, this week is a killer! Of course, tomorrow is Friday…

    Here’s an unreleased poster I made last year for my friend’s Synth party. Retro 80s is so fun to do, plus I got to paint a little on this one!

  8. Meet Kevin & E. Benedict - the Breakfast Detectives. Two characters I’ve been developing since forever.

    One day I’m going to have enough time to make this comic a reality!

  9. Here’s an Adventure Time/Beach Party fanart doodle from last year.

  10. I drew this on Friday, and should’ve posted it then because, you know, THE WEEKEND WAS THEN.

    But whatever. Rockroach still wants to party on Mondays.