1. Eight years makes one hell of a difference. On the left, the first gig poster I ever made (I lost the version with the date/venue ages ago). On the right, my latest poster.

    For process & hi-res version of the Nymfo poster, check it out here!

  2. A very emotional Friday pizza.

  3. I worked a job last week that was tied into the Design Indaba in Cape Town where I had to draw up delegates’ ‘inventions & innovations’ - with a time limit of an hour per illustration. Ended up doing about 24 drawings in 3 days - here’s a bunch of them!

  4. And here’s an ‘unreleased’ poster from the end of last year - totally Indiana Jones inspired.

  5. I adapted an older Dollfins poster into a shirt design and they got them screenprinted last week!

  6. No major work to get done today - so obviously it’s time to draw Spiderman.

  7. I don’t usually draw people. It’s something I avoid because I know it’s not my strong suit. So hopefully this is the beginning of getting better at it!

    I chose to draw Mac DeMarco¬†because I’ve been listening to him loads lately and he just has the most interesting face.

    This took roughly 2 hours in Manga Studio.

  8. The timelapse I recorded of the process for the ‘Cape to Koppi’ t-shirt/poster design I made. I ended up refining it more after the recording was finished - but it was mostly colour changes and stuff like that so there’s not much to miss out on.

  9. This is a t-shirt & poster design made back in July for a train ride from Cape Town up country to the Oppikoppi music festival. I ended up creating the whole thing in a single day, which resulted in the first timelapse I made, embedded  in the next post!

  10. This poster from May was so much fun to work on - at first it was just ‘Out the Ocean’, then it was ‘Out the Fuckin’ Ocean’, and after much deliberation it was decided to add ‘Bitches!’ at the end for good measure.

    I highly recommend checking out their music - it’s super cool!