1. Here’s a poster I did last week for a party happening this Thursday! I’m clearing my Friday schedule because it’s going to get out of hand…

  2. Here’s a poster I threw together on Monday. The brief was ‘Apocalyptic Neon Future School!’. So, ROBOT DESTRUCTION!

  3. YUP.

  4. Another poster up on my Behance! Check out the process here.

  5. New poster up on Behance! Check out the process here.

  6. Should I just rename this blog ‘Dogs That I Draw For No Reason Other Than I Think Dogs Are Cool’?


  7. Been very busy lately - so here’s 3 dogs I drew lately.

  8. It’s Friday, and The Dollfins¬†are playing at The Pit tonight!

    Also, it’s Friday and I clearly can’t concentrate long enough to spell the band’s name correctly.

  9. Damn, this week is a killer! Of course, tomorrow is Friday…

    Here’s an unreleased poster I made last year for my friend’s Synth party. Retro 80s is so fun to do, plus I got to paint a little on this one!

  10. Meet Kevin & E. Benedict - the Breakfast Detectives. Two characters I’ve been developing since forever.

    One day I’m going to have enough time to make this comic a reality!